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Why I podcast

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Why I podcast

The more eagle-eyed that follow my social media, or who visit my website regularly, would have noticed that I recently started a podcast called 2 Guys on Fitness with my good colleague, Allen Therisa.

Podcasts, which are essentially audio programmes that people download and listen to, have become increasingly popular over the past few years, partly because of the success of the iPhone. Apple (the firm behind the iPhone) allows, through its Podcasts application, for people to easily subscribe to the podcast of their choice and to follow podcast episodes as they are released.

In addition, subscribers can listen to podcasts via such streaming services as Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher and Podomatic, (which hosts our podcast) and Google also offers its own podcast application in some international territories and which is similar to Apple's (though this has some way to go before it makes up ground on the Apple service).

The 2 Guys on Fitness podcast is for guys who go to the gym, whether they be hard-core or amateur gym-goers. The podcast offers advice and discussion on exercise, diet, healthy living and gym culture in monthly 30 minute episodes (and it is a lot of fun to put together and record).

So why did Allen and I decide to launch the podcast?

Well, I think it's easy for guys to be overwhelmed in the modern era with information on how to deliver certain exercises and with advice on what to eat to lose weight or to bulk up. There is a lot of technical and narrowly-focussed content out there that satisfies these needs, the principles of which are pretty well established.

What Allen and I wanted to do with our podcast was to offer a more rounded and conversational way for people to be informed about fitness and to learn what could possibly work best for them in the gym. Through the podcast we hope to become companions to guys that workout regularly and to help them build a long-term set of skills to help them make progress when exercising.

Hopefully 2 Guys on Fitness fulfils this brief!

We also want to reach out to gym-goers, as each month we answer questions from those listeners that contact us (via the 2 Guys on Fitness website, the Julien Bertherat website or through our social media) and hopefully to give some good advice this way.

So, if you are interested in hearing what we have to say (and hopefully you will be!) then check out the 2 Guys on Fitness podcast, subscribe on iTunes and listen along, or drop us a line and get in touch.

And enjoy your workout in the meantime.


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