• Anthony Johnson



    Julien has been my PT since November 2019. He is professional and a pleasure to work with. He understands my training needs and can adapt these to a level that feels comfortable but challenging. He can also develop good trainer - client relationships, enabling me to trust him to help me achieve and maintain my short and long-term fitness goals. 


    I work as a counsellor/therapist/clinical supervisor and support others with their emotional wellbeing. Julien take cares of my physical well-being. He is a good listener,  able to adapt his training to fit how I may be feeling on any particular day. One of the reasons I choose him to be my PT is that I saw how he works in the gym and liked the way he was attentive and at ease, but focused, on the needs of his clients. 


    Julien’s sports experience is reflected in his approach to training which suits my needs to improve and maintain my strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.  I value the knowledge, skill, and motivation that he brings to each session and would highly recommend Julien as a personal trainer. 

  • Lawrence Napper

    Senior Lecturer,

    King's College London

    I thoroughly recommend training with Julien. He is gentle but firm, very attentive to good form and pushes you beyond what you think you are capable of, helping you to realise what can be achieved. His philosophy of fitness is refreshing and inspiring because it is based on creating good long-term habits, rather than simply focussing on short-term goals. Foundations laid now with Julien will continue to pay off in ten, twenty, forty years.


    When you are in the session, Julien focusses on you and your needs. He is reliable, always on time and ready to start when he arrives. He is also flexible to your timetable or if you need to train outdoors or closer to home.  


    And perhaps just as important, when you see him in the gym or bump into him in town he is always friendly, cheerful, charming and entertaining, a delight to see, as well as a brilliant and friendly asset to the gym as a whole. 

  • Roy Brown



    Julian’s a thoughtful personal trainer who‘s communication skills are second to none. He always asks how’s your health and physical state before each workout.


    His attention to detail whilst in the gym is in attending to every set hands-on, always making sure the exercise is executed in the right way!


    For the best results, he is a great trainer to be trained by.

  • Colin Tucker


    Mansion House

    I am 68 years old this year and work for the City of London Corporation. I have been training with Julien Bertherat for almost 12 years. The length of my time with him must speak volumes about the high standard of personal training which he delivers.


    For me, his main characteristics are his complete lack of ‘gym inspired’ self-awareness, but more importantly, he has a total commitment to his clients; taking account of their personal fitness aspirations (which he will sensitively ensure are realistic), their ages, current fitness levels and, through his training schedule, their future physical potential. 

    Julien is firm but fair, meticulous as to the detail and the quality of individual exercises being performed and I have found after all this time with him that he is never complacent. He even now corrects me if I fall short of his high standards during our sessions. Significantly, he has clients of all ages, abilities and a focus on commitment. Julian will see to it that each one of us will be gently but firmly steered toward our potential achievement.

  • Ross Childs

    Senior Development Manager, LSE

    I started to train with Julian when I’d just arrived at Jubilee Hall. I wanted a few sessions with a trainer to get to know the layout of the gym, to get a good programme sorted and to know at least one friendly face in a new gym.


    I really enjoyed training with Julian. He’s personable and friendly and I appreciated his balanced approach to fitness. We discussed my goals and Julian helped to ensure that I saw progress in my body without becoming too physique obsessed.


    I’d previously worked with trainers who pushed me towards getting the best body possible, without much concern for mental wellbeing.


    Today, I really appreciate the balance of the two and I found Julian to be very likeminded with me on this.


    I’d recommend Julian if you’re looking to work with a friendly, approachable trainer who will support you in getting into shape sustainably.

  • Claire Farrell


    After just a few sessions with Julien I am already stronger, fitter and confident in the gym. Julien's friendly, easy-going personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.


    Each session is challenging, varied and fun and Julian motivates me to push past my limits to get results. I enjoy every session and look forward to many more!

  • Lucy Reeve


    I signed-up to train with Julien for an initial 2 month period, to get me back into the gym and focus on strength and tone.


    As a keen runner I've always been relatively fit, but often lose focus and forget to go ‘back to basics' and concentrate on the strength side of training, which I know benefits me when running. 


    Julien instantly understood my requirements and developed a programme that concentrated on building leg strength while not ignoring my core and upper body. I was initially unsure of his methodology, as we moved fairly swiftly from one exercise to another (he doesn't do downtime!), but after a couple of weeks soon saw the benefit of this. 


    He understood I didn't want to 'bulk up' but stay relatively lean, while also improving my flexibility. After the first 2 months I signed up for a further 4 weeks and saw an improvement in my running form. He's a joy to train with and very personable


    Highly recommended. 

  • Laurent Miller


    It has been very rewarding training together with Julien Bertherat, mainly because of his understanding of my specific desire to stay lean and tone up. 


    And his very positive attitude on life just makes you push your boundaries.


    A great experience. I recommend!

  • Ben Edmonds


    As a regular gym goer. I felt as though I had hit a plateau in my training. I had seen Julien training other people in my gym and I felt that maybe I needed a little guidance so I got in touch with him and never looked back.


    Within three months I had noticed a change in my body shape. I felt more confident in the gym and found a personal trainer that I could call a friend. I would highly recommend Julien to anyone wishing to take their training to the next level.

  • Denise McDonnell


    As someone who was new to training and not knowing where to start I was nervous to pick the right Personal Trainer. Julien is an excellent trainer; enthusiastic, knowledgable, patient and supportive. He also gives you help and encouragement to move from one level of fitness to another. It's fun and relaxing and you learn something new at every session.


    I highly recommend him.

  • Neil Feinson


    Julien is an enthusiastic and attentive trainer who makes sure I achieve my goals.

  • Stuart Hodgkinson

    Client Director, Advertising

    I have trained with Julien for some time now. He is quite unlike other trainers I have worked with; very patient, gets to know his clients very well and knows how to get the most out of them. He does push you and is no pushover, but not a bully either. 


    For someone who is not as fit as I should be, Julien is very skilled at creating a programme that I can achieve, thus boosting my confidence to do more. He is also very knowledgeable about technique and nutrition and diet. Plus I really enjoy what we do  and have fun whilst getting fitter all the time.

  • Adam Clifford

    Yoga Instructor & poet

    Julien is a fantastic trainer.


    Certainly no meat head here! As he comes from a sports background he knows that weight training is not only about suitable size, looking hot and increasing self esteem - results of which he can produce. It's also about being able to hit your potential daily from the spring board of his holistic gym workouts! 


    I could not recommend Julien enough!

  • Rabah Aliouane

    Director, London

    During these last two years Julien knew how to make me improve.


    This isthanks to his complete training and instructions, which have been clear and his corrections have been very useful.


    He just knew how to push me to overtake my own limits. 


    His energy and his personality were very useful to make the working session more pleasant.

  • Panos Mastis


    What's good about Julien's approach is that it feels like he's working out with you (as opposed to working you out) according to your ability, need and current level of energy and enthusiasm.

  • David Marques

    Yoga Teacher

    Julien is a brilliant trainer who can sign basic sign language.


    He is able to communicate to me how to get myself more fit and healthier.


    If I didn't have someone like him, I wouldn't be able to achieve what I wanted.


    With Julien I feel more confident.

  • Rupert Tyler


    Owing to the sedentary nature of my occupation, I sought expert advice from Julien Bertherat whose enthusiasm, knowledge, patience, professionalism, as well as friendly character, have made me more motivated and determined than ever before to improve and maintain my fitness and wellbeing.

  • Joyce Didonato

    Opera Singer

    As an opera singer and stage performer, my body happens to be my instrument. After suffering several injuries to my ankles, I lost quite a lot of confidence in my ability to balance and train strongly.  


    Working with Julien has restored this confidence and helped me find not only a physical strength, but an inner one as well. This is the key to his training: working to develop your well being from the inside, as well as from the outside.


    Julien's ability to adapt and improvise to maximise the workout on any given day is a huge bonus: I never feel as if I'm simply going through the motions.  


    Everything has a purpose and therefore I can see and feel the results in a very short period of time. I cannot recommend Julien highly enough.

  • John Carlson


    Julien is a hugely energetic and motivating trainer who pushes his clients hard, as he should. His sessions are varied and he always introduces new and interesting exercises.

    Thoroughly recommended.

  • Phil Rumbelow

    Chief Executive,

    Jubilee Hall Trust

    Julien has trained me on a number of occasions with the aim of getting me fitter and stronger for my 10k running races.


    He is an inspirational and inventive trainer who showed me a number of new techniques and encouraged me to always to push myself. As a result, I achieved a personal best time last year.


    I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their fitness levels.

  • Chrissan Moldrich

    Creative Designer

    My experience of Julien can be described as incredible. I first met him at the Jubilee Hall Gym, where I went to exercise. When he realised I was deaf Julien shows great interest in helping me and also learning British Sign Language so he could help other deaf people with their training. 


    I have known Julien for about two-years now and in that time I have helped him to learn basic BSL and his skills are excellent. He has trained me to exercise properly, whilst learning better BSL from me. I am very proud to recommend Julien as a professional fitness trainer and friend and wish him every success in the future.

  • Paul Dyer


    Julien has been my trainer for three years and I'm now in the best shape of my life. He trains you hard (otherwise what's the point) and is considerate of your ability and well being. Julien will explain how to do an exercise and why you are doing it. 


    He is also a nice bloke!

  • Ian Kelly

    Actor & Author

    I have been training with Julien for many months now. He has been so helpful with my weight training and fitness. He has given me so much encouragement and an effective plan to reach my goals.


    Julien is a great motivator and has worked around my schedule too, which is always a bonus.


    Highly recommended.

  • David Hodges

    Property Developer

    I have been training with Julien for just over a year and can honestly say that during that time he has inspired me.


    I have never been keen on the gym, but Julien has been very encouraging and my weekly workouts are something I look forward to.

  • Max Coles


    Julien is a great Personal Trainer who has helped me with an effective training programme, and one which I can continue with moving forward, wherever I am.


    I recommend him to anyone who wants to work on their fitness or to improve their physique!

  • Cliff Jackson

    Chartered Accountant

    Julien was the perfect trainer. I wanted to be challenged after working out for twenty two years and being in a rut for the past few. 


    We did a lot of different exercises and changed my mind set about now to work out effectively. 


    He was always fun and great to be around, but also professional at the very same time. A great mood uplifter and a genuine guru.

  • Danny McManus

    Income Audit Controller

    Julien is a brilliant trainer who can sign basic sign language. He is able to communicate to me how to get myself more fit and healthier. If I didn't have someone like him, I wouldn't be able to achieve what I wanted.


    With Julien I feel more confident.

  • Asad Farookhi


    Training with Julien is nothing short of awesome and intense (in a good way). Julien is astute when it comes to the mechanics of the body and I've learnt so much about myself and my approach to training in a short space of time. 


    The best thing about Julien is his charisma and his friendly face each time we train!

  • Yanni Mavromatis

    Senior Account Manager

    I have been training with Julien for many months now. He has been so helpful with my weight training and fitness. He has given me so much encouragement and an effective plan to reach my goals.


    Julien is a great motivator and has worked around my schedule too, which is always a bonus.


    Highly recommended.

  • Manjari Prasher


    Julien regularly trains my husband and I at our home with a limited set of equipment. He does a great job of taking us through a one hour session together, even though we have different needs and abilities. 


    We have been working with personal trainers for a number of years and it is clear to us that Julien is well informed and can adapt to a range of styles. He has not only improved our fitness level, but has also given us the tools to carry on our training programme when we travel with or without equipment.  


    There is no doubt that we feel stronger, fitter and more motivated to keep up our fitness programme, thanks to his guidance, support and training style, which is well structured and complete. He is friendly and professional at all times and very easy to get along with.

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