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I offer a range of personalised training and fitness services to clients, depending on the individual needs of each client.


These services include one-to-one training, group training and short or long-term training that fits with the requirements of my clients.


Please see below for the specialist areas within which I work.​



What I like most about one-to-one personal training is that it allows for the exchange of viewpoints and information during training.


One-to-one training also allows me to work in a focused way with clients, to ensure that each workout is productive, accessible and meets agreed client goals.


Success in personal training is really in the details of each workout and its impact on the individual so exercising. My approach is to respect the body and mind of my clients and to work with them to understand the impact of physical training on them as individuals.


Training also has therapeutic qualities and I endeavour to highlight these and to take strength from them during each training session.



The core muscle group is a collection of muscles that stabilise and move the spine. The core muscles are engaged in practically every exercise that you are likely to execute during a workout.


As such, it is essential to understand how to engage the core effectively to optimise its potential efficiency in each and every exercise.


To achieve this I am following a workout with my clients especially constructed to engage your core in a variety of positive ways.



As an experienced rugby man, team values matter a great deal to me. As a result, I can train small groups utilising such team spirit to emphasise the satisfaction that can be be gained from these training sessions.


Such a team dynamic also allows for flexibility where different fitness level are involved and for individual ability to be respected. Working out in such a small group can be a very positive experience for everyone involved, as well as being fun and more economical for participants than one-to-one training!



I have experience of training clients with varying needs where living with HIV is concerned.


Understanding and respecting each individual's situation is part of the training process and effective goals-based training can play a vital part in a healthy and robust lifestyle.


My role as a Personal Trainer is to create an energetic dynamic and to work closely with the client to allow him or her to move forward stronger and fitter than previously.



I have experience of training those who are deaf or hard of hearing and hold British Sign Language Level 1 & 2 certificates. 


Effective communication is at the heart of my training. I have also developed a passion for training clients with hearing issues and make time to communicate the requirements and benefits of each exercise and understand the needs of my clients with hearing issues.

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