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Swiss ball your obliques

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

When you train in a gym, it can be a challenge to work (or indeed feel!) your abs’ properly when working out.

And this can be especially true of your oblique muscles.

Personally, I find the exercise illustrated in the video in this blog post easy to execute and it also helps me to target my obliques properly.

The Swiss ball oblique exercise:

The best way to undertake this exercise is to place the Swiss ball under either your left or right hip.

This is because once you have done so you can then rotate your body on the ball as you need to during this exercise.

Once you have done so, as illustrated, place one hand on one side of your temple and the other on your corresponding oblique muscle to make sure it is being used effectively during the upcoming exercise (once you have got the exercise right, you can then put your other hand on your corresponding temple).

See the video to see what I mean!

Perform 8 to 12 repetitions of this exercise on your left side and then perform the same number of repetitions on the your right side, and aim for four sets of this exercise set.

After which you should indeed feel the effect on your obliques!

The owner of my first gym used to say to me, “Once you feel your abs' at that point do 10 more reps’.”

Years after hearing that remark I find myself thinking of this tip when I train my abs’, and it does work as a guiding principle, because if you want to achieve something (whatever it is) you should first think about it, then identify your target and then act on the original motivation.

And then act again!


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