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A 3-part combo'

A 3-part combo'

I had a lot of fun recording the latest episode of my podcast, 2 Guys on Fitness, this month, partly because it features exercises on the gym floor. I get to talk about a lot of things on the podcast, but it’s great when I get to work up a sweat during the recording.

I wrote recently about the Battling Ropes exercise, which features in the Even More Exercise podcast episode, but this also features my favourite kind of workout, which is an exercise combination!

Combination routines pull together complimentary exercises into a single set of exercises delivered at a tempo that is challenging and energising. When I deliver a full body workout I combine a number of such exercises into sets which take my clients round the gym floor, but a combination routine does not need to be so all-embracing.

In fact you can put together your own combination routine to target the muscle groups that are important to you and also follow a staggered workout which targets different parts of the body in various days. The crucial aspect of this kind of staggered training, I would say, is in ensuring the body is comprehensively covered during a workout cycle, so that the effects of the staggered training are evenly distributed around the body.