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Updated: Feb 21, 2019


Like many people I am an enthusiastic, if measured, user of social media.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Google+, I use them all to both reach out to those interested in my work and to stay connected to those around me. It is strange to think, however, that social media as we know it today has only been the all-pervasive force in our lives that it is for a few short years.

There was a time before we broadcast ourselves via the internet and turned a camera (because social media is, essentially, a visual medium) on how we want the world to see us. Not so much who or what we are, but how we would ideally like to be, in a superficial sense.

Is this a good thing, for us as individuals and for society more generally?

Only time will tell if this powerful form of connectivity builds a stronger and increasingly stable self and world, or whether what it is actually being created are millions of more fractured and insecure individuals and a more dangerous planet.