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Getting results in a group

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Getting results in a group

I spend a lot of my time with clients training individuals on a one-to-one basis, either in a gym setting, in an open environment or at a client’s location.

This type of one-to-one training tends to work well for most people, but some people like to exercise as part of a group or a class.

Having taken feedback recently from various clients and potential clients I will soon be helping those who prefer group-based training by offering such sessions for up to four people at the Jubilee Hall Gym, in Covent Garden.

For some people exercising on their own or with a Personal Trainer can be difficult, whereas exercising as part of a small group can be fun, stimulating and motivating.

My upcoming group sessions will be structured to meet these needs; they will be intense (in an enjoyable way!) and priced differently to my one-to-one sessions, so as to be affordable for all those taking part.

I will also be putting together groups based on different fitness levels and compatibility to ensure that those taking part get the most out of each session.

The idea at the heart of each session will be to to keep the same level of technique and intensity as in my one-to-one training sessions, based on the principle that if you feel good at what you do in the gym, you will exercise to your best potential and you will get the results that you want.

As a former rugby man, I got used to being part of group whenever I was training and in such situations the chemistry and respect for each member of the team was always important in getting the best from each training session.

As such, I will be bringing this ethos into my new group training sessions.

Another aspect of these sessions that I want to familiarise people with is the principle that being fit does not necessarily come down to such things as how much you can lift, but to how often can you reproduce an exercise correctly and maintain the required technique moving forward, as the better the technique the more efficient it is for your body and the muscles concerned.

Get this principle right and combine it with the right level of intensity in a group setting and success will follow.

I want to bring this success to each group that I train.

So, if you would like to register to find out more about when my group sessions begin, simply add your email address to the Group Training page on my website and I will contact you to let you know when my new group training sessions will begin.


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