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Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Training in the gym can sometimes become repetitive, especially if you have become used to working out on your own (or hanging around around the gym) for years.

A good way to challenge your body if you find yourself in this position is to include in your workout some coordination exercises, such as jumping (as illustrated in the video)!

One good thing about jumping (or indeed running, which is similar in this regard) is the impact it can have on the body. For example, beneath your feet you have a network of nerves, and these nerves help you to expertly feel the surface below your feet (which is also why some recent studies suggest that it may be better to run without shoes).

When you jump (and especially when you jump backward) onto an (ideally padded) box you should consider how far the box is behind you, how are you going to land on your feet (on your toes, on the middle or your heel?), exactly as you would also consider the contact of your feet with the ground when you run.

For some people running is an easy exercise to conquer, while for some others it is very difficult to get right (while sometimes the issue is not so much about the exercise, but rather about the technic involved when running).

Whether jumping or running, however, keep yourself mentally involved in your training by adding in exercises such as a jump, as illustrated here, whether it be jumping lunges, jumping backward onto a box, jumping forwards, squat jumping, etc. to achieve an energetic and intelligent workout.

If you do you will then be able to train hard and smart, to be fully engaged during your workout, and to come out of the workout invigorated and awake.

Which is, at the end of the day, the name of the game.

So jump to it!!


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