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The secret to bigger, stronger legs

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

The secret to bigger, stronger legs

Particularly for men, part of the motivation for starting a gym routine is either to get leaner or bigger (and sometimes to do both in rotation!).

For those guys who are looking to get larger, buffer and physically more impressive, their attention can often end up fixated on their upper build - otherwise known as the much discussed ‘beach zone’.

Sun out and T-shirts off, as they say.


But what of the legs?

So often hidden away, even when shown off as we advance into the sunshine wearing shorts, our legs are both the foundation to a strong back and the key to good posture. In addition they are the means by which we can power our way through both a productive, challenging workout (and indeed through life itself).

Build you legs and you improve your speed, strength and your life. I discovered this through my career in rugby and it a principle that continues to remain with me to the present day.

But what are the tricks to getting great, more powerful legs, and what regular training techniques can we use to improve our legs (all of our legs) and our balance while we are at it?

Well, there are no new or unique methods to achieve these goals. Rather there are a proven techniques which have been shown to get results and which can be combined for maximum effect.

Before even getting into the techniques that can be used on the gym floor (or indeed in your own home gym s