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The rugby ethos

The rugby ethos

I recently recorded a special new episode of my podcast, 2 Guys on Fitness, which this month is all about the ethos of rugby.

Those close to me know that rugby is central to who I am as a person and a personal trainer. Before I started training clients in how to build their fitness I played a lot of rugby (from the very early age of six!) and the disciplines, skills and discipline of the game stuck with me from that point on.

So, today I enjoy playing the game when I can, as well as watching it, and powering my workouts with the skills that training as a rugby man taught me. 

As far as I'm concerned, these revolve around the team spirit that rugby (and indeed other similar team games) brings  - the idea of working together, of encouraging each other and pushing forward together to achieve goals, as well as the more technical skills that rugby training offers.

In my experience, without these qualities, physical (and indeed mental) training can quickly lose momentum and can also fail to connect intrinsically with the person training.

Apply a sporting method to such training and the training becomes more than a process or a target-driven set of tasks. Once a sporting method is added into the mix, training becomes enjoyable, more successful and of greater importance. It is elevated into something that involves values, discipline and principles which then stay with the person.

I train like a rugby man and I encourage others to do the same if they want to succeed on the gym floor and in life. Interested in also training in this way? Then join me in my new Rugby Power fitness class in Waterloo every Monday at 5 pm, starting 9 September. 

You can even try my new Rugby Power class for free, to see if it and training the rugby way is for you. Just select the Taster Class option when booking to try a class for free.


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