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Prepare the way

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Prepare the way

As those who know we will testify, good food is an important part of my life.


By good food I mean fresh and healthy food that is not significantly processed and which contributes to a robust and energetic life.


The topic of food and what we eat is very contentious at the moment.


Vegetarianism, veganism, the local sourcing of foodstuffs and the issue of food air miles have all become heated issues recently. This is partly due to the influence of the internet, of course, but it is also to do with the individualistic and personal age we live in.


Go back a generation or two and the priority for most western families was in putting food on the table that got the family through a challenging day. The intervention of science and consumer capitalism turned this responsibility into a more pleasure-orientated and choice-led enterprise.


Which in itself is not such a bad thing.


For most of us in the West today we have more choices and convenience where what we eat is concerned than at any point in history. We are also more aware, in the information age, about what we eat, what we should eat and the impact of our choices on the planet and the people who produce our foodstuffs.