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Little Injuries Matter

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Little Injuries Matter

If you spend a certain amount of time in the gym, or playing competitive sports, you can easily become focused on the bigger picture where training objectives and fitness are concerned.

How big am I getting? How much can I lift today? How much weight have I lost this month? Am I winning? All these (and related) questions can drive our physical performance, though this attention to the bigger picture can sometimes distract us from equally important fitness measures which, if ignored, can go on to become more important issues over time.

I was reminded of this principle recently on hearing a friend tell me about his experience after suffering what appeared to be an initially minor injury whilst working out.

Gym-floor injuries are, of course, nothing new. In fact I have written about workout injury and recovery previously and have also spoken about this crucial matter in my podcast, 2 Guys on Fitness. When discussing how best to avoid and recover from injury I have focused on how workouts should be technical and moderated if injury is to be avoided. I have also underlined how recovery must always be allowed to take its course, even if it is frustrating to wait while this happens.

Recognising the true extend of an injury and how different kinds of injuries can have varying impacts (depending on where they occur on the body) is also vital when considering how best to avoid and recover from a sporting or workout injury.

My fiend’s story is a case in point.