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Over 60s class: Lessons learned

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Over 60s class: Lessons learned

Last year I started leading an Over 60s fitness class (above, chowing down), which has been an interesting and inspirational experience for me.

One of the first things I learn't from teaching this class is that people can exercise no matter their age (which is very encouraging for someone in my position).

The second thing I learn't, is that the people who have come to the class understand very well the purpose of it and how working out in a structured way can make the whole process of staying fit extremely positive.

The third thing is about commitment.

I have been teaching this class for about 6-7 months now and the number of the participants are always between 15 to 20. This kind of commitment does encourage a serious responsibility towards the class. It also generates a form of team spirit and, as a former rugby man, that means something to me, as I know that the class members will be there for me, just as I will be there for them.

And finally, and indeed most surprising of all to me, is the fact that the people who come to the class have been so very enthusiastic. They have been willing to move and to exercise and they have demonstrated a genuine passion when working out with me.

In fact, in certain ways they have proven themselves to be even more enthusiastic than younger people in such classes. I have no doubt about that.

Life experiences teach you a great deal and encourage a more accurate appreciation of how we live, of appreciating the feeling of being alive and living the life we want.

And working with this class has only underlined this truth for me!


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