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A day in my life

A day in my life.

I often get asked what I do during a typical working day.

Strictly speaking, I rarely have a ‘typical working bday’ as each day depends on my clients and what they need to do. But, as a general rule, my day begins at Jubilee Hall Gym Covent Garden around 7 to 8 am and can finish around 9 to 10 pm.

Each of my days is structured around when my clients want to train and what they want to achieve, with everything else slotted in-between these appointments. No single working day is the same as another and it’s this focus on training, the needs of my clients and exercise which makes what I do so exciting and rewarding.

To get a snapshot of what my working day looks and feels like, see below.

Plus, if you would like to find out more, feel free to contact me, either directly through my site (, or via my podcast ( or social media.

Julien Bertherat, personal trainer.

7.50 am. Time to head off for the gym.

Julien Bertherat, personal trainer, with a client.

First up, a session with Mark.

Christmas presents.

Followed by a quick (Santa) dash to pick up some Christmas presents!

A power lunch.

Before grabbing an early power lunch of avocado, prawn, anchovies and green salad.

Julien Bertherat, personal trainer, with a client.

Followed by a workout with Lawrence.

Julien Bertherat, personal trainer, with a client.

Then a workout with Daniel.

Julien Bertherat and Mesut Olcas.

After which, fellow personal trainer Mesut Olcas and I catch-up. 

Julien Bertherat, personal trainer, with a client.

With my day ending with a very energetic Anthony.

8.30 pm. And now it’s time to head on out of here, until tomorrow.


Finally, a little chocolate, as even personal trainers have their weaknesses!

Whatever your day brings, I hope you find it as interesting and rewarding.


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