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The power of self-belief

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

The power of self-belief

As I write this today, France and Croatia have both won their respective semi-final matches and are now through to the last stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

And who would have predicted that as being the potential outcome when the tournament started all those weeks ago?

Indeed, this has been a World Cup to remember for a whole number of reasons (not least of which has been the quality of the football that has been played and the excitement generated by the tournament) and its matches have proved to be both unexpected and filled with potential.

You only have to look around London to see the effect that England's performance (regardless of its defeat by Croatia) has had on the capital and the success of the French team has had a similar impact back in France.

In an era of disruption, dispute and apparent disunity this World Cup has brought people together across a range of divides and revealed the power of hope over fear.

It has also demonstrated that ambition and skilled perseverance can overcome any obstacle and changed how we think about ourselves and (perhaps more importantly) about each other.

And one thing that has come shining through in the performance of all the teams in the tournament stage of the World Cup is that teamwork and strength of belief, when brought together, can achieve anything.

Or, to put it another way, when we work towards a common goal with genuine determination it is possible to fully realise that ambition.

But what is strength of belief? And how does it translate into our daily lives and what we do when we follow a fitness lifestyle outside of the competitive sporting arena?