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Updated: Feb 21, 2019


We live in a society dominated by hyper consumption.

I went to the cinema recently and one poster made a strong impression on me. It was for the movie Rampage and the strap line was ‘Big meets bigger’.

Something to look forward to there, I guess.

Which just goes to underline a simple principle, which is that our occidental society is powered by the power of sophisticated visual imagery, where big and powerful are iconic triggers in themselves.

Against this backdrop the question for me, however, is when did ‘big’ become trendy and so aspirational as a state of being?

One of the current popular search terms on YouTube, for example, is ‘masculinity’ and it is also the case that where mainstream cinema is concerned there has been a boom in the production of fantasy superhero movies over recent years (implicitly because both kids and adults have demonstrated themselves to be so keen to buy the tickets to watch these kinds of movies).

Another analogous sign of what has happened to popular culture in recent years (and particularly for young men) is in the rise of MMA (mixed martial arts) culture and an underlining of competitiveness in commercial sports.