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Start the year right

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Start the year right

And so the new year makes itself felt, with an impetus to develop new habits and to sign-up for optimistic resolutions regarding our health and fitness.

It is a time to rebound after the season of relaxation and socialising that has just passed.

Christmas and New Year celebrations are always a good break from our responsibilities and obligations during the year that has gone. In this light what is to follow is some advice on how to deal with the post-Christmas blues (and get through the dreaded January!), about what is best to eat at this time of year, the exercises to follow to get energy levels back up again, as well as the best mental attitudes to adopt to achieve these outcomes, and how to power into February.

Look at it as a check-list to establish a confident foothold in the new year.

Over the years I have met and listened to many clients concerning their lives and ambitions. Some of these men and women were about to get married, some were soon to buy a property. On a more personal front others were facing the prospect of the loss of a family member, while others had quit their jobs after deciding to start a new life.

It is certainly true to say that a Personal Trainer is also a sort of counsellor for some!