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Step up to bigger legs

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Step up to bigger legs

In every gym, you can observe different body types working out. You can also tell which body parts people are focused on, or like to exercise regularly.

A lot of guys, for example, like to work out muscles that you can quickly and easily see developing by looking in the mirror; in the chest and arms (also called the ‘guns’ - which is, a technical term, obviously). Fewer men, however, like to work or develop their legs.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, in my opinion it is a mistake to not workout your legs on a regular basis. This is because, in aesthetic terms, body balance is important, and the biggest muscles in the human body happen to be your legs muscles. After all, we walk on our feet and not our hands and because of this simple fact the muscles in our legs are both our foundation and our strength.

So, my ambition is to show you how to easily work your legs within a 30 - 35 minute time frame (which is also the same time frame I tend to use for every other large body part; the chest and back, though for shoulders and arms), as follows.

The 30 minute legs workout:

Major set 1: Cardio’