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Support your back by training well

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Support your back by training well

Last week I wrote about the importance of warming up effectively before working out to prevent injury.

One of the most common injuries suffered by those who train regularly is back pain.

Back pain: Just the mention of the two words together is likely to prompt wincing in those who have suffered from it as a result of training (or indeed for any reason). Back pain can be debilitating, cause great discomfort and can continue for years.

It is, without doubt, something to be avoided!

When we are young, and particularly as teenagers, we are encouraged to be active (or at least should be).

But then life changes once we start working. The innocence of childhood is gone at this point in our lives and we also start to discover that our bodies no longer recover so well after a Saturday night out drinking and partying with friends as it once used to.

Of course, the difference between our childhood and our adult life is that we take on more responsibilities as we get older (paying our rent, going to work, managing our relationships). Our priorities change us, the way we live our lives also changes us and the way we look and feel.

Throughout our life journey our back is as important as that of our heart or our brain in enabling us to act responsibility, fulfil our obligations and to make the right decisions when we need to. When we exercise (and particularly when we exercise regularly) taking care of our back, and warming it up properly before putting pressure on it, is crucial to maintaining our long-term health and fitness.

This is particularly important in the context of our work/life balance, which can tend towards regular periods of immobility. At work we often sit down a great deal and undertake tasks with poor posture.