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Diet, exercise & the question of balance

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Diet, exercise & the question of balance

I am asked regularly by clients about what is the ideal diet for exercise and for a healthy lifestyle.

Obviously there are a lot of variables in choosing the right diet to complement a workout regime and to lay the foundations for an active and productive life. Is the objective to gain muscle, lose fat or increase energy levels?

The permutations are many.

In broad principle, however, there are some fundamental principles which, if applied sensibly to any lifestyle, can play a positive role in building fitness.

Principle 1: Always eat before a workout, unless you want to lose weight.

Try to eat two or four hours before your workout. Eating one hour before as workout is acceptable, but this has to be a light snack (otherwise it may not be digested comfortably).

Yogurt and a piece of fruit (or a handful of dried fruits and nuts) can be a snack in itself.

You can also workout on an empty stomach, but only if losing weight is your goal.

Otherwise exhaustion will be your reward!

Principle 2: A post-workout regime matters.