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How much should each person exercise?

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

How much should each person exercise?

“A body in motion = human beings are better walkers than runners. By that it means we walk more efficiently (burn less as a rule than when we run),” Gretchen Reynolds, The First 20 Minutes (New York Times best seller).

“A new statement = physical activity would be associated with increasing benefits to health “

The question is, how much exercise each persons needs remains unclear. We also need to decide how much exercise we are willing to undertake, realistically, to reach high standards of fitness.

Some important definitions (from the National Health Service):

  • Fitness : Refers to cardiovascular or cardio respiratory activity.

  • Physical Fitness: A measure of how efficiently we transport oxygen to labouring muscles to maintain movement.

  • A physically fit person: Has strong lungs, a robust health and sturdy muscles.