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The techniques of bulking

The techniques of bulking

There’s this guy, Shane Duquette, who has this fantastic website (from which the above image is taken) which is about the challenge lean guys face when trying to bulk up (or put on muscle mass, as those of us in the personal training like to call it).

For those not in the know, bulking up is the process of changing your physical frame from lean to er, bigger, by adding muscle mass to the frame.

This is something that is of particular interest to:

  • Guys (though women are also becoming more and more interested in this topic).

  • Those guys with a naturally lean, if not skinny, frame.

  • Those guys who, try as they might, struggle to add muscle to their frames.

Now, this is, to be fair, not a topic which has troubled me a great deal over the years. I tend to have the opposite problem, to be honest, and have never really struggled to add the muscle mass I’ve needed to play rugby or feel good in my skin. But I know that for a lot of guys who fit the profile above (and there are A LOT of guys who fit this profile) adding mass is the holy grail of exercising and gym life.

There are also a lot of guys who invest a great deal of time and expend a lot of energy in the gym lifting the weights and studying what they think are the right routines online, who cannot, no matter what they do, achieve the muscle growth they desire.

There are several reasons for this, which revolve around individual physiology, metabolism and applied exercise techniques, as well as routine and diet, but for those guys who are (in the terminology) ‘hard gainers’ adding mass can be a frustrating and difficult challenge.