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Making sense of steroids

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Making sense of steroids

Reading the French sports review Sport Et Vie recently I noticed an interview with a the Spanish sociologist Victor Agullo Calatayud, who lectures at the University of Valencia.

Calatayud has written a relatively famous thesis entitled Recreative consumption of steroids and anabolisants.

As a result of his paper the topic of doping has reached a much wider audience beyond those directly involved in sports studies, including those who exercise for their own pleasure or health.

At the beginning Calatayud’s studies were focussed on bodybuilders, but then Calatayud realised that doping was taking place in other sports and was much more widespread than initially thought.

Calatayud has also highlighted how clubbers in the 90s started using such drugs to continue partying without sleeping over a 3-4 day period. This behaviour that spread to other, new consumers, who became interested in steroids for aesthetic reasons. There then followed a socialisation period, when the so-called benefits of steroid use extended even further to those who wanted a be able to wear a particular wardrobe or to highlight a certain musculation.

Concerning the social background of such drug use, here again Calatayud was surprised that doping is also increasingly being undertaken by those who provide security for others in society (police officers, military perso