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Build legs, feel great

Personal Trainer Julien Bertherat.

I am not a huge fan of dividing the body into sections and then turning exercise into a technical process to ensure each section is worked in tedious rotation. For myself, I prefer a balanced workout that targets the major muscle groups and which delivers a balanced body aesthetic.

Taking this into account, one of my favourite major muscle groups is the legs!

Some people avoid exercising their legs/lower body as doing so can be a challenge. I have never experienced this myself. As a rugby man, I learnt early on that strong legs are the foundation for the explosive energy needed on the field and the basis for the strength needed in the upper body. Rugby involves running, pushing the opposition back and being a solid opponent against whoever is trying to get past you.

All of which requires strong, solid legs!

So, as you can imagine, I always encourage anyone considering the benefits of a whole-body aesthetic to ensure they take time to train their legs in an intelligent and balanced fashion.

Training legs need not be an off-putting challenge either. It can be a rewarding experience that delivers measurable results (always pleasing to the ego) and can be achieved from a straightforward combo’ such as what follows.

Jumping lunges