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Enjoy the season

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Enjoy the season

It’s that time of year again, which means that for many of us our thoughts and attention are turning (or have already turned) to the prospect of relaxation and rest.

Which is a good thing, obviously.

Gyms can be something of a stark place in late December, partly because of the above, but also because Christmas is traditionally a time to change routine and enjoy ourselves.

Both of which are good ideas.

In a few short weeks, however, the gyms of the world will again be filled with members old and new looking forward to getting their fitness programmes back on track. A sense of renewed vigour will be in the air and resolutions will be front and centre as the quest begins again to lose weight and put on muscle, or just to return to the previous shape we were once happy with.

Before the Christmas festivities began.

Of course, there are those who exert and sweat their way through the season regardless. And good luck to these focused men and women, as they enjoy themselves without the distractions of food, drink and late morning starts. But for everyone else the ethos for the next few weeks must surely be to