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Need a gym to exercise?

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Do you need a gym to exercise?

There's a curious stigma around gym membership for some people, who can see being a gym-goer as being one step removed from being a member of a cult.

Can you imagine!

Meanwhile, for those dedicated gym members who seem to spend all their free time and energy working the floor and towelling down every Nautilus machine seat, not being a member of gym can appear to be synonymous with total laziness.

Most people, however (and rather thankfully), take a more balanced and nuanced position on the supposed social cache and benefits of being a member of a gym and/or regularly using its facilities.

Even if for only a couple of times a week.

But can you also get fit and maintain a healthy body outside of the gym walls?

After all, don't you need all those lovely shiny and sometimes slightly complicated machines and racks of dumb bells to have an effective work out?