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Pregnancy and post-pregnancy training

A group of pregnant women exercising.

I launched a new training programme this month, specifically designed for pregnant women and for those who are post-pregnancy.

This training came about from training with the Children’s Nurse Marie Jugaret (LinkedIn and Instagram), with whom I train. We developed this programme because of our belief that women who are moving through pregnancy or who have recently had children can benefit from living and maintaining a fitness lifestyle.

It’s easy, I think, to overlook women who are pregnant or who have recently had children concerning their fitness needs. But maintaining robust levels of fitness during this vital time in a woman’s life is important both for the health of the mother and for the unborn child.

There is also no reason if there are no specific circumstances during a woman’s pregnancy that she should not also continue to exercise and maintain her strength and flexibility during this time.

Because of these reasons and the positive experience of exercising with Marie, I developed core and fitness training for pregnant and post-pregnant women.

This training is focused on strengthening the core during pregnancy and after it. During pregnancy, many changes will happen to the mother's body. Those that affect the spine, shoulder, and pelvic stability will also have an impact on posture and core strength.

Over nine months of pregnancy, a pregnant woman’s hormones will also feel imbalanced which will increase the elasticity of the connective tissues, affecting joint stability.

My training can help pregnant and post-pregnant women to focus on stability and postural strength, making sure to not over train the body and especially not the joints of the spine and hips. In so doing the training guides the client through pilates exercise or an adapted core training programme.

This programme will help to:

  • Strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, transverse abdominis, hips and lower back to assist with delivery.

  • Increase hip and spinal stability.

  • Release back pain and tension.

  • Reduce neck and shoulder tension.

  • Accelerate the recovery of core muscles after birth.

This programme will also change through the different stages of the pregnancy:

  • First trimester (0 to 12 weeks).

  • Second trimester (13 to 26 weeks).

  • Third semester (27 to 40 weeks).

Following pregnancy the benefit of this post-pregnancy programme will be:

  • Strengthening of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.

  • Improvement of posture.

  • Stability exercises (to ease the return back to ‘normal’ life).

  • Activation and foundation level exercises, before gradually building up core strength over 9 months.

We will also set goals and talk about what we should focus on at each step moving forward from the stage in question. The training is entirely about the needs of the client.

The journey through pregnancy, delivery and motherhood is such a vital challenge for most women and maintaining fitness through this crucial time is important.

Let me help you on this journey.

Finally, please do take the opportunity to discuss with your doctor, supportive medical staff concerning potential exercise during pregnancy and take professional guidance on exercise options before commencing any such training programme.


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