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An effective chest exercise combo

Personal Trainer Julien Bertherat.

Chest exercises are one of the most popular gym routines.

For men, working the chest with resistance machines or weights is a regular activity on the gym floor, partly because the chest is so easy to see. Ergo, any progress made working out can most obviously be seen in a full chest.

How to best achieve this is a topic that gym fans have debated since we started lifting.

Understanding the muscles in the chest major muscle group is important to growing the chest proportionately, as is using correct techniques to target the upper lower and middle chest muscles. How such exercises should be combined, to what level of resistance, and for how long, is also a running debate.

Just check out YouTube or Google to discover the range of opinions on this particular topic.

What is generally agreed upon is the need to have a foundation set of chest exercises to come back to regularly, around which variations can be added to build the chest.

Below is such a foundation combo set of chest exercises.

As with all my combos, begin by understanding each exercise, the range of movement required, and what your body can lift or deal with in terms of resistance. Do you not go too fast or hard where the chest is concerned! If you do, an injury will likely follow. Instead, start off with zero weights to understand the motion required for each exercise and then build up in steps, slowly, carefully, and at a level of resistance each time that can be handled without difficulty.

Then, move upwards in steps, confidently and on the basis of using precise techniques, and success will follow.

And now, those all-important exercises.

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