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Personal Training



One-To-One Training

One-to-one training allows me to work in a focused way with clients, to ensure that each workout is productive, accessible and meets agreed client goals.


My approach is to respect the body and mind of my clients and to work with them to understand the impact of physical training on them as individuals.


Group Training

As an experienced rugby man, team values matter a great deal to me. As a result, I can train small groups utilising such team spirit to emphasise the satisfaction that can be gained from these training sessions.


Such a team dynamic also allows for flexibility where different fitness levels are involved.


Pregnancy Training

Calling on a personal trainer can help you regain your fitness during and following pregnancy; a programme is agreed upon, and objectives set, all of which are tailor-made for you.

Working with a PT is like taking a breath of fresh air that can help you in feeling confident in your role as a mother.

Personal Trainer Julien Bertherat with a client.

Exercise Combos!

Completely free, a set of exercise combos to get started with a an exercise lifestyle.

Personal Trainers Julien Bertherat and Ovi Dumars.

My Podcast

Listen to my podcast, 2 Guys on Fitness, to learn about effective workouts, listen to interesting interviews and to get dietary advice. With new episodes released monthly, 2 Guys on Fitness is a great way to learn about fitness.

Blog Posts

My Clients

Joyce Didonato.
"Julien's ability to adapt and improvise to maximise the workout on any given day is a huge bonus: I never feel as if I'm simply going through the motions."

Joyce Didonato, Opera Singer


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