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The Instagram effect

The Instagram effect

What would you say is the most powerful social media platform today?

I was having this conversation recently with a good friend of mine and the conclusion we came to is that Instagram is the name of the game where social media is concerned, for several reasons.

There are, of course, a wide range of social media channels to choose from today; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, the list goes on, and all have a particular take on what makes the social media experience a success. Where Instagram leads the pack, I think, is in its ability to offer a powerful mobile tool that is built on the visual experience. Instagram is very much a baby of the smartphone age and its toolset is designed to work in the palm of your hand and not on a computer screen.

This alone gives its users a sense of immediacy and makes the Instagram experience very personal, either as a content generator (as you take and post the pictures or video on it) or as an observer (you scroll such content). Posting or browsing through Instagram feels fluid and very now. It's easy to use and, because it's primarily about what you see when doing so, it feels intuitive and rewarding as a user experience.

That visual element (despite the text, graphics and comments which are also a part of Instagram) is what gives it a particular kind of power, making it a display window for those men and women that can present themselves well and who are happy to do so.

There's much talk at the moment about the power (perhaps diminishing power) of what are known as 'Influencers'. For those not in the know, influencers are those people who use Instagram (as well as other social media platforms) to promote themselves, along with brands which are motivated to be associated with such influencers, due to their usually high number of followers.

To give you an idea of the kind of Instagram reach we are talking about here; Love Island star Tommy Fury has 2.8 million followers, Fitness Trainer A J Ellison has half a million followers, NBC Titan Games contestant Davy Michael has nearly 300,000, NFL footballer Dan Vitale has 36,000, fitness coach Roger Snipes has 720,000, fitness model