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Achieving reasonable and measurable gains over time delivers great sustainable results, whatever your starting level of fitness.

Becoming stronger and fitter through expert training, however, requires the setting of realistic goals and then achieving them.

Following a proven training system is what really matters if you are starting out on your fitness journey, not aiming for quick results.

My training is based on successful sports-based techniques and it delivers proven, sustainable results for everyone who trains with me.


I grew up near Clermont Ferrand, in France.

At a young age, I played rugby for my local team and continued to play to a semi-professional level until my early twenties. When I reached a higher level in rugby my Coach suggested that I start training at a gym to improve my strength, stamina and overall fitness.


At which point, my career in fitness began.

Over the years my own exercise regime has changed, but my training philosophy remains as it has always been (see above).


I remain a sports person at the end of the day and will always train like one.

In addition, I know how to get measurable results in the gym and enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills with my clients.

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