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Please see below for my answers to popular questions about my personal training and support services for clients.

If you have any additional questions about my services, please feel free to contact me directly.

  • Where do you train?
    I train at Jubilee Hall Gym, in London's Covent Garden. See the map on this site for the location of the gym. I can also train at your location, indoors or outdoors.
  • How does your sporting background figure in your training?
    My background is in rugby, as you might have noticed from the website! I trained the rugby way as a young man, then played the game in France and the United Kingdom. Today I train with the same spirit that I learned when training for the game, with an emphasis on pace, strength and cardio' exercise, as well as whole-body workouts. When I work with colleagues and clients I motivate and encourage both to ensure that each workout delivers and is the best use of the time available. Which is, in principle, the epitome of training the rugby way.
  • Do I need a level of fitness to start training with you?
    Absolutely not! My approach to working with people (to raise their level of fitness or to deliver on their specific requirements) is always to start from where they are and to move forward in the best way for each person. How to start training is less important than starting in the first place and how you finish is all the matters where health, fitness and exercise is concerned. So, get started!
  • Can I develop a bespoke training programme with you?
    Of course. My training is built upon the principles of sports exercise and the experience I have gained as a rugby player and personal trainer. Understanding my clients as individuals with their specific needs is at the heart of what I do. So if you want a programme shaped around your needs, schedule, location or circumstances, just let me know.
  • What hours do you train?
    This depends on you and what you need! I generally train from 7 am into the evening. I am also happy to train you to own your schedule.
  • How much do you charge?
    This depends on the training you require. If you would like a tailored training programme, let me know and I am happy to tailor a training programme for your needs and budget.
  • Can you advise on diet?
    Yes. I think the relationship between what we eat and how we live our lives is vitally important and should not be reduced to a scientific discourse. Eating well and to give both pleasure and the right nutrition is at the heart of my training. Want to balance a healthy diet with a great workout and a full and happy life? Just ask.
  • Do you train clients with special needs?
    I do. Please see the Services page for what and how I train and the specialist training skills that I have.
  • Do you train groups or classes?
    I train both groups and classes. As with training as a couple, training as a group can be a great way for such trainees to share the cost of a training session and to enjoy enjoy training with friends or co-workers. Also, as when training couples, beforehand I establish training objectives, timescales and budget and then tailor the training programme for the group or class. If you are interested in group or classes training, feel free to contact me to find out more.
  • Do you train couples?
    I do! This can be a good way for trainees of sharing the cost of a training session and also of enjoying the social aspect of training with a friend or co-worker. When I train couples, beforehand I establish objectives, timescales and budget and then tailor the training programme that works for the benefit of both parties. If you are interested in this kind of training, feel free to contact me to find out more.
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