As a response to the Coronavirus outbreak, the British government has directed that all gyms close, with such gym closures to be reviewed monthly.

During this period I will be training clients flexibly, away from Jubilee Hall Gym Covent Garden, at clients' prefered locations or in the open air, as my clients prefer, using the most appropriate equipment for each training session.

I will also be making the best arrangements with clients moving forward and if you would like to discuss your requirements during this period, please contact me by telephone, or via this site or my social media.

During this exception period, I will support my clients in their training, health and fitness, and with the advice that they need moving forward.

The British government will be reviewing the current restrictions each month and I will liaise with clients as these restrictions are modified (and lifted).


I believe that this will prove to be a temporary situation and, working together, I am confident that we can continue to exercise through this period and return to the gym floor in due course with a maintained and robust level of fitness, regardless of the challenges we currently face.

Thank you for cooperation.

Julien Bertherat